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You Marched, Now VOTE

Early voting starts tomorrow, February 18 and runs until February 28. The actual primary is March 3, 2020 (in 15 days). Texas voters will march to the polls to select their party candidates for president as well as several statewide races and legislative seats.

Photo: Casey Chapman Ross @caseychapmanrossphotography

We all know that this year is crucial. If you want policies that protect women's reproductive rights, provide affordable healthcare, defend voter rights, safeguard our children against gun violence, and shield immigrant and minority communities from reckless and abusive policies, then you absolutely must vote. Your vote is your voice.

Women's March on Texas Capitol does not endorse any candidates; we encourage you to make an informed decision based on your own morals and beliefs.

Here are some links to help you find out more:

League of Women Voters - Voter Guide

List of All Candidates Running in Primary

Texas Tribune Voter Guide

Voting gives you power. You have the power to choose leaders to represent you and your views about issues that are important to you. If you know someone who has skipped voting in the past, or is 18 and now eligible to vote, please share this with them!

This is our LEAD

This is our SPEAK

This is our VOTE!

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