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Updated: Feb 17

Written by Beth Buyse - Volunteer Team Lead

Many women in our community feel as though they don’t have the right, the safety, the power to speak their truth, or to fight for their beliefs. I know this to be true because I was one of those women, afraid of being judged, rejected, and ostracized, so I remained quiet.

November 8, 2016 was a watershed moment for me, a moment of disbelief, an awakening and asking myself, what could I have done to help prevent this? Through social media I was able to connect with thousands of other women trying to find their voices, too.

On January 21, 2017, I went to my first march, The Women's March on Texas. I remember looking around me and being in awe of all the women, who in my eyes were remarkable and brave. I realized then that I could stand side-by-side with them.

All of these women empowered me by showing up, and demanding change in our government policies and representation. Some of those women I met that day are now an extension of my family, a family that is welcoming of all in the pursuit of EQUITY, EQUALITY, and EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL WOMEN.

For me the Women's March ATX 2020 is about empowering other women, to help them to become energized, to become engaged, to become united, and welcome them to the family.

This is why I march.

Ready to help us make history? Please donate. Women's March on Texas Capitol is a 501c4 (pending) grassroots, women-led, nonpartisan, non-profit organization. We are proud to be hosting the Women's March ATX.

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