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Updated: Feb 17

Written by Celestina Sunny - Fundraising Team

I’m a student at the University of Texas at Austin who is pursuing degrees that are unconventional to the precepts of my cultural background. I have set my academic, professional, and personal goals by my own standards and by my own convictions. I am able to do this so freely because my parents immigrated to America when I was seven years old. I know that being an American means I am afforded more opportunities than the country where my mother and father grew up, and I am proud of my country. But being proud of my country doesn’t mean that there isn’t more progress to be made. This is why I choose to march.

I march because I’m tired of holding my breath while I walk home from campus late at night and fashioning my keys into a weapon. I march because I’m tired of pepper spray being a practical gift to give a girl before she goes off to college. I march because I’m tired of individuals who have no understanding of how my body works and yet still have the audacity to aim to legislate the reduction of my bodily autonomy. I march because I’m tired of our country accepting or ignoring that there are those who have used their authority to abuse and hurt those who are vulnerable and are still able to retain their authority, even elevating to higher positions of power. I march because we cannot stay in this place and time in our history.

I have to be as brave as my parents were for me when they recognized that their children deserved more than what the current situation could give them and moved to a new country in the pursuit of more.

You may be tired for similar or completely different reasons, but I implore you to not be silent when your voice and your action is what we need most now. There is power in tiredness; it is motivation to change the realities of our world instead of remaining stagnant and haunted by those realities. I choose to march forward, to pursue more. I hope you will too.

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