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Updated: Feb 17

Who We Are

It was September. During a planning meeting, after months of going to city meetings and creating logos and getting bids, we noted that we kept facing one obstacle after another. At that moment we had to decide: do we push forward and form our own non-profit or do we quit?

Every single one of us decided to keep fighting. Every. Single. One.

Women’s March on Texas Capitol was formed as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization (pending). Every penny raised goes to cover the expenses of the event; not a single committee member is being compensated for their work. All expenses are recorded and our tax forms will be filed in accordance with IRS regulations. Full transparency.

We are a diverse group of women passionate about the Women’s March ATX

Why do we march?

We march to energize, engage and unite. We march as a continuous thought. We march because our votes matter. We march because the right to vote is in danger. We march because our voices matter and our Votes are our Voices.

Costs of putting on the march

Putting on this march has been quite eye opening. The cost, quite frankly, is much more than expected. The budget was modeled after other marches where speaking fees were an acceptable cost. We were fortunate enough to book a great line up of Texas women willing to donate their time, which made the cost obsolete. Yay for Texas Women!

There are still fees that are unavoidable for a march. Working with our vendors, we cut costs and reduced expenses as much as possible. For example, porta potties costs were renegotiated from $8,900 to $5,557.06. The changes in our society since the 2017 March have altered what can be considered "safe", especially for women and those who identify as female. The insurance costs alone have increased $4,500. Keeping our participants safe is our number one priority. Increased police presence is also warranted, as well as required by APD...this is the world we live in now. This is why we march.

This is where we are

This is a march for Texas Women. We are standing on our own because we chose to fight instead of giving up. We need the help of Texas Women to fund OUR march. We are not receiving funds or grants from the national marches. So it's up to US, all of us, to make this march a reality. We need your help, financial (funding), physical (volunteering) and spiritual (we march for ALL women whose rights are at stake). Join us.

There are many ways for you to help us with this.

You can donate right here:

You can buy an official T-shirt here:

We have corporate sponsorship packages ranging from $500 to $10,000 so you can choose the right level for your business. Email us at

We have included the budget for your reference below.

Women's March ATX Budget


Arterial/Collector Street Application Fee ($100.00)

Safety Inspection Fee ($76.00)

Special Event Plan Preparation Fee ($500.00)

ATD Tech Surcharge ROW 4% Tech Charge ($27.04)

Arterial/Collector Street Security Deposit ($50.00)

APD Fees ($11,821.00)

Texas Facilities Commission- State Property (Lot 27) ($430.00)

Parking Meters (Colorado St) ($270.00)

Texas Preservation Board- Turf Damage Estimate ($1,500.00)

Texas Preservation Board- 2 Addt'l Housekeeping Staffers ($200.00)

Texas Preservation Board- 1 Extra Facilities Staffer ($140.00)

Texas Preservation Board- 1 Extra Capitol Grounds Staffer ($140.00)

Texas Preservation Board- SPB Events Coordinator ($350.00)

Arterial/Collector Street Permit ($700.00)

ATD Tech Surcharge ROW, 4% of Safety Closure Fees ($28.00)

Commander (Unified Command) ($280.00)

Commander Medical Branch) ($280.00)

Special Response Unit ($1,750.00)

Ambulance ($1,750.00)

AMBUS ($875.00)

Rescue Task Force ($560.00)

Set-up Fee ($100.00)

Devices for traffic control ($9,000.00)

Liability Insurance ($4,961.00)

Tables, chairs, tents, stanchion posts, velour rope, labor ($1,626.57)

Water buffalos, cups, dispensers. 2 at start, 2 at Capitol ($1,520.00)

Porta potties start and end, 2 dumpsters, 25 trash cans ($5,557.06)

Bike racks around media and speakers ($871.25)

Reserve 43 spaces at Lot 27 for potties and dumpsters ($430.00)

Additional parking spaces ($400.00)

Water and snacks for volunteers, talent and speakers. ($80.00)

Check in signage/sandwich boards ($500.00)

Office supplies for day of march ($100.00)

Charging stations. $35 x 4 stations (1 start, 3 capitol) ($140.00)

T-shirts - 184 volunteers in 2017, estimate $20/shirt ($3,680.00)

Day of signs and handouts ($2,620.74)

Stickers - 30k ($842.05)

Stage, generator, sound, amplifiers ($5,978.50)

Photo backdrop ($570.00)

40 walkie talkies ($1,300.00)

U-Haul for trash pick up ($98.45)

Gas for U-Haul return ($8.74)

Volunteer letter ($183.74)

Step and repeat ($517.87)

March banner ($101.99)

Posters ($207.99)

Fundraising Landing pages ($200.00)

Logo creation and source file ($100.00)

URL registrations (multiple) ($100.00)

Website 1 y ($324.00)

Copies of fliers for community outreach ($30.00)

Monthly event advertisement, about $22/mo. ($44.00)

Graphics for social media ($64.00)

Facebook ads ($263.50)

Bank Charges and Fees ($23.38)

Total Expenses ($64,371.87)

We appreciate you and thank you for your support.


Women’s March on Texas Capitol Committee

Support Women

Women's March on Texas Capitol is a women-run, grassroots 501(c)4 non-profit (pending).  


Registered Charity: 501c4 (pending)

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