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Updated: Feb 17

First, we’d like to thank all of the community leaders, allied organizations, non-profit partners and sponsors for taking an active part in the planning of this event. It’s no secret that fundraising for these events has been difficult, not only in Texas, but around the country.

2017 brought women all over the Texas out into the streets to protest and we’re fighting the same fight today. The odds are even higher as we move into what could prove to be the most consequential election of our time. So much is at stake as women mobilize to protest voter suppression, access to healthcare, climate injustice, violence against women, LGBTQIA+ protections, the crisis at the border, the aftermath of #metoo and so many more injustices.

With this in mind and after much discussion the questions were raised: “Do we march or do we rally?” “What is the best use of the time and resources of all engaged parties?” The answer: WE WILL RALLY AT THE CAPITOL.

Our goal of bringing women leaders and our allies together to incite them to action, lift our voices, educate each other, celebrate our differences and most importantly to VOTE has not changed nor has our determination.

We have brought together an exciting and inspiring program of speakers who will challenge each of us to consider issues that continue to impact the lives of those women who have been historically ignored, suppressed and sidelined, motivate us to work together and help us fulfill our ultimate goal of getting women to the polls.

We are grateful to our partners who will be joining us on the ground to engage and educate attendees on a multitude of issues facing our collective community. We will have volunteer deputy voter registrars onsite as well as Register2Vote to coordinate voter registration efforts.

Bring your signs, your friends and open heart and a willingness to listen and learn.

Bring your VOICE and then WE RALLY THE VOTE.

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